Alight Motion Fonts (Download Top 25)

Using the magic of Alight Motion Fonts, you can give your videos a whole new dimension! You are now able to effortlessly incorporate a vast array of typographic options into your projects thanks to the most recent addition of the Alight Motion Font Import tool. You can take your creative abilities to the next level by using the Alight Motion Font Generator

This tool gives you the ability to customize and personalize the text animations you use in your movies, ensuring that they accurately reflect your one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Alight Motion changes its typeface collection regularly, providing you with new and fascinating options to choose from so that your movies may remain on the leading edge of technology. If you are eager to stay ahead of the trends, don’t worry about it. So why should you wait? A whole new dimension of visual storytelling is waiting to be discovered as you delve into the world of Alight Motion Fonts. 

You may build spectacular effects and captivating text animations that will leave an impression on your audience that will remain for a long time if you let your imagination run wild. With the help of Alight Motion App Fonts, you can get ready to set your films apart from the rest of the pack and make a bold statement.

Popular Alight motion fonts


You can give your videos an air of sophistication and individuality by making use of the extensive selection of typefaces that are available to you through Alight Motion. Although popularity might fluctuate depending on factors such as individual taste and current fashion, the following are some typefaces from Alight Motion that users have thought to be appealing:

  1. Montserrat is a sans-serif font that has a contemporary appearance and is very clean and adaptable.
  2. Lato is an approachable and legible sans-serif font that functions beautifully for a wide variety of video formats.
  3. A delicate and refined font with thin letterforms, Raleway exudes an air of sophistication and elegance.
  4. Roboto is a popular font that is recognized for its readability across a variety of devices and screen sizes thanks to its uncomplicated design.
  5. Bebas Neue is a striking and powerful font that gives your writing an impressively powerful presence visually.
  6. Pacifico is a casual and entertaining script typeface that adds a bit of playfulness and informality to anything you’re putting it on, like a video.
  7. Quicksand is a rounded and approachable sans-serif font that emits a sense of contemporary and youthfulness.
  8. A font that strikes a balance between being formal and friendly, Poppins is both adaptable and geometric in its appearance.
  9. Playfair Display is a traditional serif typeface that gives the impression of high-class refinement and elegance wherever it is used.
  10. Open Sans is a clean sans-serif font that is widely used and has excellent readability across a variety of platforms. It is known as “Open Sans.”

Alight motion fonts for lyrics edits


When it comes to enhancing the visual impact of your films, Alight Motion provides a wide variety of fonts that can be utilized in the process of making attractive lyric edits. The following are some fonts that are recommended for use in the editing process of lyrics:

  1. Billabong is an elegant script typeface that features a flowing style and adds a touch of sophistication to your lyrics.
  2. Baskerville is an old-school serif typeface that gives off an air of timelessness and sophistication; it works particularly well for lyrics that are emotive or poetic.
  3. The Impact is a powerful and attention-grabbing font that draws focus to the force and intensity of your lyrical content.
  4. Your lyric revisions will have a sense of rhythm and movement when you use the Dancing typeface font, which is a vivacious and entertaining typeface.
  5. ChunkFive is a chunky and bold font that gives your lyrics a more dynamic and edgy presence. ChunkFive is available for free here.
  6. Pacifico is a casual and handwritten typeface that has a touch of retro charm. It is perfect for producing a carefree and nostalgic vibe in your lyrics editing because of its handwritten appearance.
  7. Bebas Neue is a font that is bold and condensed, and it provides your lyrics with an appearance that is modern and edgy. It compels attention.
  8. Lobster is a witty and ornamental script typeface that infuses your lyric modifications with personality and a sense of style.
  9. Futura is a modern, geometric font that gives your lyrics a sophisticated and streamlined appearance. It is clear and straightforward.

Downloading and Installing Best Alight Motion Fonts

Once you’ve unearthed that font gem, it’s time to bring it into action. Typically, Alight Motion Fonts come in a file format compatible with the app. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the font file to your device. (Download Below)
  2. Open the Alight Motion app and create a new project or open an existing one.
  3. Click on the text tool and tap on the font dropdown menu.
  4. Look for the “Import Fonts” option and choose the downloaded font file.
  5. Voilà! Your new font is now ready to add that extra energy to your masterpiece.

Alight Motion Fonts FAQs

How many types does Alight Motion have?

A: There are more than 2000 fonts to choose from in Alight Motion.

Can I add fonts I’ve made myself to Alight Motion?

A: Yes, you can add custom fonts to Alight Motion by downloading the font file and putting it in the app.

Does Alight Motion come with free fonts?

A: Alight Motion has both free fonts and types that cost money. Some fonts may need to be subscribed to or bought separately.

Can I change the features of the text when I use Alight Motion fonts?

A: Yes, you can change the size, color, alignment, and other features of text with the fonts in Alight Motion.

How often does Alight Motion get new fonts?

A: Alight Motion tries to keep its font library up to date so it can keep up with the needs of the digital age.

Can I look at the styles in Alight Motion before I choose one?

A: Yes, Alight Motion gives you a preview of the styles so you can see how they look before you choose one.

Can I change the font in Alight Motion while I’m editing?

A: Yes, you can quickly change the font at any time during the editing process in Alight Motion by choosing a different font from the list.

Q: Does Alight Motion allow me to make my fonts?

A: No, Alight Motion doesn’t have a built-in way to make your fonts. But you can import unique font files that you made with other tools or got from somewhere else.


Fans of video editing now have access to a whole new universe of creative opportunities thanks to the availability of aesthetic fonts for Alight Motion. You’ll have no trouble elevating the aesthetic quality and visual appeal of your films by making use of Alight Motion’s wide font library and the ability to acquire the industry’s best fonts. 

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